Trigga Trader

Project Info:

Digital Trading Platform
  • Frontend:Angular; Metronic
  • Backend:C#; Azure Services; WebAPI; MSSQL; Redis; SignalR

The Challenge

Trigga Traders in an online platform created to ensure fair and transparent trading in the agricultural market. Trigga allows sellers and agricultural commodities to engage in a fair market place and in essence ensure to make agricultural trading easier. We were approached by Trigga to partner in their mission to facilitate fair exchange. Our team was tasked with redesign and architecture of the Trigga platform to ensure that it is transparent, scalable, and user friendly.

The Solution

Keeping the buyer and seller experience at heart, we took on the task of creating a bespoke platform that would enhance the bidding experience. This could not have been achieved if we did not include key Trigga team members in the decision-making process. We remained in constant communication with the operational and marketing members of Trigga to ensure we meet the user’s needs. This included catering for the scheduling, implementation, and execution of multiple auctions. Organizing an auction on the scale that Trigga does, requires high-level management of a large amount of commodity and seller specific data. The Trigga platform was built to host all the needed data in one place and ensure that an auction could run seamlessly from creation to execution. This included creating a database of buyers and sellers while keeping fair and responsible exchange in mind. Part of enhancing the user experience was to generate excitement during a live auction. The Trigga platform was designed with the intent to provide the same amount of excitement that bidder would experience during a real-life auction. We achieved this by including visual cues inspired by game theory. This included visually representing the number of bidders partaking in an auction and when a bid is placed and through micro animations. Along with enhancing the bidding experience our team also took on the task of creating a scalable platform. Ensuring that it could cater to different types of users, auctions, and commodities.

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