Axiz Project

Project Info:

Digital marketplace platform
  • Frontend:Angular; Metronic
  • Backend:Micro Service Architecture; C#; WebAPI; MSSQL; Redis; MongoDB; SFTP; Hangfire; Azure

The Challenge

Axiz required an online integratable digital platform in order to keep up with current ever evolving software technologies. The solution they require is one that can integrate with big vendor players such as Microsoft CSP, CISCO, IBM, HPE to name a few and seamlessly integrate back into Axiz’s on premise ERP. Before Axiz decided to custom develop a solution, they’ve researched different software solution providers in order to ascertain if there is a product or service off the shelf that will facilitate such a wide variety of vendor market integrations and products on a single digital platform. Due to the scale of and multiple software procurement, customization and licensing fees that would be required it was decided to custom develop the digital platform.

The Solution

Our first step of engagement was to understand the problem they are facing and the vision they had of where they wanted to go then created high fidelity prototypes to find the best way to solve complex problems, simply. The challenge was to find the common base features that could be used across all vendor brands or even more if the commonality exists. AVA (Axiz Virtual Assistant) was thus developed as the core integration facilitator between the multiple vendor digital platform integrations and the solution is built on a microservice architecture whilst leveraging off a boilerplate platform. This allowed Axiz to scale their digital footprint into current integratable vendor platforms as well as future proof in the event that other vendors follow suit to go digital.

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