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Table Charm E-commerce
  • Frontend:React Native
  • Core, Angular, C#; WebAPI; MSSQL; Open source

Table Charm Direct is one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in Southern Africa. Helping thousands of people supplement their income and become financially independent, since 1974.

With Table Charm Direct’s continuous drive to go-digital and the goal to introduce streamlined revenue streams into the business, they approached Kohde to assist them with launching their ecommerce solution.

The team’s engagement started with various workshops to identify key problem areas and to identify where the most and immediate value can be added. We used Opensource to deploy to production quickly. Using Opensource also allows us to focus on the business problem, while still mitigating the risk of vendor lock in and licencing fees. All businesses have custom processes that make them unique, and to fill these gaps we used custom development. Some of this where.
  • Synchronizing orders directly into Table Charm Directs ERP system.
  • Integration with courier service providers to automatically book and trace parcels and deliveries.
  • A customer can now pay directly with the shop.
  • Keeping customers informed with sms notification.
The team deployed the first version of the ecommerce platform within the first month and also performed a lift and shift of the existing systems from an on premise hosting environment to a cloud based environment.

With the new ecommerce platform, Table Charm Direct is able to increase their product to consumer turnaround, better serving their distributors and their customers.
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