RP Africa Employee self service

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RP Africa Employee self service app
  • Frontend:React Native
  • Backend:.net Core, Angular, C#; WebAPI; MSSQL

RP Africa Fleet Services operates in eight countries across the African continent and cross border Fleet Management Services. RP Africa’s cross border drivers are key to the management of fleets across Africa.

Managing over 1500 drivers and more than 20 customers, RP Africa Fleet Services partnered with Kohde to develop a unique fleet management platform. The new platform will assist RP Africa with: Employee onboarding. Reducing administration related to storing, organising and locating critical employee related information. Easily identify suitable candidates based on a customer’s transport and logistic requirements.

RP Africa extended some platform features to their employees via a mobile application. This will further reduce unnecessary admin by enabling their employees to view and update their own information and documentation while keeping all stakeholders informed.

The RP Africa and Kohde teams worked together closely using an iterative approach. Collaboratively, the team identified core features which were first prototyped. This allowed the team to move quickly in the early stages of the project.

During the development phase, the team followed a similar approach using CI/CD pipelines which allowed us to deploy and review regularly. This allowed RP Africa to start working on the platform within three months of project commencement and provide feedback on required changes.We are looking forward to continuing this journey with RP Africa, and further enabling their customers and employees through technology.
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