Continual Logistics

Project Info:

Logistics Optimisation
  • Frontend:Angular; Metronic
  • Backend:C#; MSSQL; WebAPI

The Challenge

The client wished to create a platform that would form a bridge between businesses who seek to transport goods and those who transport them. Specifically the client wished to unburden their coordinators of the time-consuming and error-prone manual processes involved in coordinating freight logistics. This includes locating vendors who have the correct vehicles to maintain product grade, as well as making sure that the correct authorizations are provided to the correct drivers for the appropriate locations. Typically this coordination would involve numerous phone calls, emails, and sharing of documents that might look different from one day to the next.

The Solution

The team was challenged to create several powerful interfaces within one unified system, including one that would allow coordinators to petition verified transportation vendors for work required, and also allow for detailed route and load planning, with a high degree of flexibility to update these in response to real-life events. The aim was to remove as much manual data capturing as possible by integrating with third-party systems to ensure that all financial and operational data is consolidated into one fully audited system, allowing coordinators to respond quickly to events such as vehicle breakdowns, and rest assured that a complete paper trail is maintained for all planned and rendered services.

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