Afgri Grain Management

Project Info:

Asset maintenance mobile application
  • Frontend:React Native
  • Backend:C#; WebAPI; MSSQL

The Challenge

The client was facing multiple challenges in which they continuously found themselves performing manual and time consuming tasks each month. The list varied from keeping track of which assets required maintenance to keeping track of what time workers spent on maintaining these assets. The list also extended to managing and overseeing all the various costs involved. The managing and consolidation of these administrative tasks became a huge burden and so the client decided to venture into the market to find a solution that fulfilled their business needs.

The Solution

A solution was built and provided to alleviate the administrative burden in allowing the workers to be able to take on some of the administrative responsibility. The workers were given the capability of logging faults on machinery, requesting quote approvals from head office on asset repairs that were required and approved quotation would automatically generate a purchase order directly from SAP. Workers were able to seamlessly and without effort log and record all time spent at various sites and the client was able to easily manage and keep track of all workers. The new application (mobile and web), massively reduced the amount of time the client spent on performing and maintaining various administrative tasks and duties.

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